Heat Trust

As part of our commitment to offering a high standard of customer service, we are now part of the Heat Trust. The Heat Trust customer protection scheme gives you added assurances about the standard of customer service you will receive.

Heat Trust is a customer protection scheme for residential and micro-business customers. Heat Trust has developed rules that set a common standard in the quality and level of customer service expected from heat energy suppliers. It also provides an independent process for settling complaints between customers and their heat supplier. The standards of service have been designed to be comparable to those required by electricity and gas suppliers.

Areas covered by Heat Trust include:

  • support for vulnerable heat customers and customers that need extra support
  • procedures for reporting and responding to a fault or emergency
  • metering and billing, debt management and complaint handling

Heat energy suppliers need to apply to Heat Trust to register the district heating networks that they manage.

Heat energy suppliers that become members of Heat Trust make a commitment to follow and abide by the rules and requirements set by Heat Trust. They will be monitored by Heat Trust to ensure they are meeting the Scheme’s standards.

Once a heat network has been successfully registered with Heat Trust, customers on that network will benefit from the Scheme’s standards.

Information & Advice

Heat Trust Website

Heat Trust Energy Calculator